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 ~ About Us ~


Established in 2006, we are a Manufacturer’s Representative focused on retail market products and construction products.  We work almost exclusively through distribution channels.  Earth & Turf Reps (ETR) has developed very valuable distributor relationships over the years, which allows us to easily introduce our manufacturers products, work through the process of getting products setup within our distributors systems, educate the distributor sales force on the products, help manage distributors inventory, handle the day to day questions, attend sales meetings, and large show, etc.  ETR is in the field working to make sure our manufacturers are a success.


We have built a strong business base and many personal relationships with our distributors.


We don’t sell the cheapest products; we sell value, service, and quality. Identifying problems and offering solutions.


We take care of:


  • Distribution Management

  • Distributor Training

  • Engineering Calls

  • Everyday Phone Calls

  • Sales


You don’t have to worry about:

  • Base Salary

  • Expenses (hotel, car, gas, phone, internet, etc)

  • 401 K

  • Medical Insurance

  • Etc


Increased Sales – The average factory-direct salesperson is in the territory for two years or less before he or she is promoted, transferred, or defects to a competitor for more money.  We have a lifetime commitment to the territory, thus holding better relationships with our customers.


Immediate Access to the Market – Our team is an experienced sales team that is already involved heavily in the market.  We are familiar with the area and have good prospects ready to consider our manufacturers line.  With multiply employees, we cover more ground and talk with more customers than a single direct employee could.


Cost of Training and Turnover in Sales Personnel is Eliminated


Highly Experienced, More Aggressive Sales Force – We don’t have a base salary so we must sell product to get paid.


Every call is a Relationship Call for Your Company – Even when our phone call doesn’t involve your product, we are cementing the customer relationship which will benefit your company in the future.


Better Market Intelligence – Since we carry a mix of products, we have a greater diversity of customers, and often can get wind of industry trends long before a factory direct salesperson.


Vested Partner in Manufacturer’s SuccessYour success is our success!


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